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Dry Cleaning & laundry Business

Dry cleaning and laundry business

The laundries offer convenient service to individuals and companies, and the market increasingly demands that. Furthermore, especially in recent years, laundries have also become an excellent investment for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to set up their own business.

Opening a laundry, whether traditional or coin-operated, is an excellent business opportunity with high earning potential.

A hectic pace of life and workforce more and more people leave out or neglect housework, and indeed doing the laundry, hanging and drying clothes takes time and energy. Thus, in recent years there has been a growing success of both automatic and traditional laundries.

Opening a launderette certainly has its advantages (lower investment, no staff, part-time work commitment, ease of management and start-up, and others), but just as many are the advantages and prospects of traditional laundries.

Opening a traditional laundry certainly requires a tremendous work effort, more significant start-up and management costs, staff hiring, larger rooms, and a more considerable number of machinery.

However, opening a traditional laundry allows you to turn to a much more heterogeneous user; n this case, the potential clientele is composed not only of private individuals who want to wash, dry and iron household linen, traditional garments, shirts, and work clothes, and those that require dry or steam cleaning but also by companies such as hotels, restaurants, and others, which always need a professional cleaning service for uniforms, towels, furnishing fabrics, and tablecloths.

What it takes and how to be successful

To open a successful traditional laundry, it is necessary to carefully study the sector, the reference market, the potential customers, and the current competition.

Not only will it be required to carefully plan the start-up of the laundry but also to try to develop an attractive format, able to differentiate itself from the competition and to meet the real needs of the primary target audience.

To open a successful laundry, you will need to:

Identify the location: The most suitable areas are university, tourist areas, near accommodation or restaurants, seaside areas or city centers, and shopping centers. Even the outlying areas, if the conditions are favorable, can be good locations. Fundamental requirements for the site are the ground floor, large windows, proximity to parking, ease of reaching, and high traffic.

Choose the room: The room must have a minimum size of 80 - 100 square meters to arrange the equipment better and create a customer reception area, the washing and ironing area, and separate deposits for dirty and clean clothes. Toilets and changing rooms for staff will also be needed.

Choosing suppliers for machinery and equipment: Fundamental to the success of laundry is its equipment quality.

Selecting suppliers who offer advantageous conditions (competitive prices, payment extensions, loan for use or leasing, technical and after-sales assistance services, machinery warranties, and others) and high-performance machinery with low consumption will make the difference for the success of your laundry.

Define the range of services: After a careful analysis of the market and your target customers, you will have to try to offer a range of services that can meet your customers' possible needs without excessively increasing costs.

dry cleaning and laundry business
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