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Honey I Shrunk the Cashmere!

Four tips for keeping your delicate fabrics looking their best

Extend the life of sensitive fabrics such as linen, wool, silk, and leather with these easy tips. Caring for delicate s doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Get Pressed Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services, we’re here to help. #getpressedtoimpress #getpressed

1. Cashmere and Wool

When washing wool or cashmere garments use no more than a small capful of detergent to keep the fabric in its best condition. If your garment has details such as leather buttons or delicate stitching, dry cleaning is the best option. When you’re looking to put your wool and cashmere items into long term storage, dry cleaning helps to deter moths. Before long term storage place your cashmere in a breathable bag in a cool, dry place. #wool #cashmere #drycleaning

(Link: https://www.npeal.com/journal/caring-for-your-cashmere/)

2. Silk

Silk is extremely sensitive, and hand washing in lukewarm water is the best way to care for it at home. If your garment is stained or sweaty, dry cleaning will be the safest way to clean this delicate fabric. Instead of squeezing the water out of your silk items, opt instead to roll the garment in a towel while gently pressing out the water. Similarly to wool or cashmere, place silk in a cool, dry place for long term storage #silk #silkcleaning (Link: https://fashionisers.com/2019/07/25/136-tips-on-how-to-care-for-every-type-of-clothing-and-fabric/)

3. Leather

When cared for properly, leather goods will actually improve as they age, and should last you a lifetime. As durable as it is, leather needs to be hydrated and cared for so it doesn’t crack, stain, or warp. You may want a more rugged look to your leather, in which case you can treat it less often than if you wanted it to appear more polished. Leather conditioner or cream will moisturize the leather in the same way you might moisturize your own skin. By applying cream every 3-6 months it will protect your leather item from the elements. Wipe down your leather item with a damp cloth if you notice a build up of dust or dirt to allow the fabric to breath- it is skin, after all. We recommend getting your leather jackets and other leather clothing items professionally cleaned once a year to keep them in optimal condition.#leather #leathercleaning #leathercare

4. Avoid Overdoing It

Always read care instructions for specialty garments. Washing in hot water is usually harmful to delicate fabrics, and hand washing is often the safest bet if you want to clean them at home. If your item has heavy stains consider bringing it in for dry cleaning, where the cleaners can use special solvents to get stains out without causing damage. #drycleaning #drycleaner #drycleaners

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