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Laundry Service

Dirty Pile clothes 2.png

Your life is busy enough as is, even without the endless household chores.  With our Laundry service you can enjoy doing more of the things you love!  Simply leave your clothes with us and get on with your busy day.  We will:

  • Sort your items by color before we launder

  • Guarantee to wash your clothes, and your clothes alone

  • Use first grade detergents, softeners and dryer sheets 

  • Fold and bag your fresh, tidy clothes

  • ​Follow any individualized special instructions or preferences 

Clean Clothes

DOES NOT INCLUDE dry cleaning, pressing, comforters, drapes, carpet, wedding dresses, formal wear, pressed shirts, alterations, lethers, suedes.

Large Get Pressed Bag up to 50 lbs $59.99

Medium Get Pressed Bag up to 25 lbs $34.99

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